Sunday, January 27, 2008

Shreveport Map of Bayous to Use

Here is a map of possible bayous to use as pedestrian and bike paths. It includes a few underused streets, as well, parts of which could used as separated bike lanes.

We suggest these routes because:
  1. they use existing infrastructure that is underused
  2. they are accessible to the most people
  3. they provide routes of alternative transportation to current popular destinations
  4. they provide routes to a revitalizing downtown (Active downtowns are important for fulfilling community life, sociologists would point out, because of the opportunities for social interaction they provide. Town centers are the among the only settings where public spaces are located between places of retail, work, and residence. This lets people happily "bump into each other" as they shop, work, recreate, etc.)
And, here's a map with pictures.


Rob Gaudet said...

Loren, didn't know you could do that with Google Maps. I created a 25 mile trail that connects many of the neighborhoods in North Bossier.

North Bossier Trails

Loren said...

Wow, that's great to get Rob's comment! Rob, we should post a map of your tail! It'd be inspiring!