Monday, January 28, 2008

There are a few Shreveporters have long thought our bayous could be used as opportunities to significantly improve our city's quality of life. One idea is a type of "linear park," such as the "String of Peals" plan developed some years ago. From what some have told me (Kim Mitchell, Murray Lloyd, Tim Wachtel, I believe?) it included a plan that would link some of our city's parks through paths alongside certain bayous.

Other visions have included recreating the slow moving streams and marsh areas we originally had, assuming previous flooding problems could be eliminated.

The least expensive modification would that the parks are left as is, but made more accessible to the public, and maintained in ways to minimize stagnant water buildup.

Another idea for certain bayous in particular would be to build features and perhaps control quality and flow of water to create a world-class white water course for canoeists and kayakers.

Who knows what the best option for us is? Maybe it's combination of various things in different places. The possibilities are likely more than any of us can imagine.

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trudeau said...

Terrific site, Loren. The way to amplify the thoughts offered at meetings is this blog, full of photos.

Makes me want to go out and shoot favorite spots of mine.